Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography As a team, I and Fay had an inquiry about taking pictures for someone’s wedding. Neither of us was familiar with the bride and groom, making this a strictly professional job opportunity. We agreed to be the wedding photographers but did not ask for much money in return as this would be our … More Wedding Photography

Body Landscape

Introduction The challenge for this assignment is to capture photographs of the human body that appear abstract, s though they are a part of a landscape. From the research, I have found that the closer to a specific area of the body the more effective the image is. This is because the intricate shapes or … More Body Landscape

Street Photography

Introduction For this assignment, six images must be chosen that resemble street photography. The pictures can be either monochrome or colour but should portray a story. The main focus is capturing people in towns, cities or other places of popularity, whilst gaining confidence as a photographer and working in an uncontrollable environment Artist Research Vivian … More Street Photography

Creative Futures Week, Day 1

Opening Speech and Panel Discussion Creative Futures was introduced by Dr. Claire Taylor, Deputy Vice Chancellor, and Prof. Alec Shepley, head of the Creative Arts school in the University. After the introduction, five guest speaker from various sectors in the creative industries spoke about their job roles, companies and provided general advice with their specific … More Creative Futures Week, Day 1


Introduction Typology in photography is composing multiple images that relate to one another. Creating a collection of items. This became popular with the Victorians, producing cabinets of curiosities. However, this has adapted to an artistic style in photography. Pictures are taken using similar styles and subjects, such as watch faces. The images will have various … More Typology

Still Life

Introduction Various still life images must be taken with the intent then chose a single image, meeting the criteria of still life. The objects can either be outside or studio based but the still life objects must be separated by man-made material and organic if more than one item is photographed. For example, fruit can … More Still Life


Introduction Two assignments are required for the module Contextual Studies. The first was to produce a powerpoint presentation that had to meet the requirements of 20 slides with a time of approximately 20 seconds. Any topic could be chosen as long as it related to the student’s course. This module was to be completed by … More Presentation