Discrimination Against ‘On Location’ Photographers

An issue that I have experienced is that when photographing at ceratin locations permission has to be asked, however, when expressing that I am a photographer the price becomes very expensive. No permission is required in most areas with a simple camera or phone, although when thought to be commercial it can attract te attention of … More Discrimination Against ‘On Location’ Photographers

Bella Kotak

Bella Kotak is a fine art portrait photographer based in Oxford. She manipulates her images, taking parts from other images to create the improved final picture. Her images are based on fantasy and whimsical themes. She has been featured in Faery Magazine and has a Youtube channel where she displays behind the scenes videos of … More Bella Kotak

Oliphant Studios

Oliphant studios are led by Sarah Oliphant. She is an artist, specializing in painting. Oliphant originally started creating scenic paintings, which led to the opportunity of painting a landscape background for a photographer in America. This resulted in the idea of creating backgrounds that she can sell and rent to photographers. This has since become … More Oliphant Studios

Personal Development Plan

I have created an action plan for my photography development that will be worked on through 2018. I have identified the key areas that need improvements and solutions to these issues. Strengths  Areas To Improve Improvisation Communication Creativity Marketing Time Managment Studio Lighting Retouching Images Working with low light   Goals Communication- To improve my face … More Personal Development Plan

Crufts Dog Photographer Of The Year

I have entered the Crufts Dog Photographer Of The Year competition 2018, that attracts thousands of photographers internationally. This competition has a selection of sub-categories that can only have one entry per category. I have entered the categories that were relevant to the images that I have taken, this includes ‘Puppies’ and ‘Dog Portrait’. There … More Crufts Dog Photographer Of The Year

ADOR: Collaboration – Designing With Social Purposes

During this conference, I learned about a Glyndwr project named, ADOR that aims to help students create their own projects, work on larger projects and collaborating with others. A student can come to them with a project that they would like to create and then they would get support and guidance to how they can … More ADOR: Collaboration – Designing With Social Purposes

Volunteer Fair

During creative Futures Week, there was a fair on the second day that I was able to attend. I interviewed the stalls that were occupied by charities, such as the Red Cross. Other members of the team filmed the interviews and I also filmed B Roll for the Creative Futures promotional video. Figure 1 (Geraint … More Volunteer Fair