Jessop Feature

Jessop Feature Introduction An effective marketing strategy on social media is using the hashtags so that the images can reach a wider audience that is searching for similar words. I have focused on this further by researching what larger companies use as their hashtags for photographers or customers to use, which enables the company to … More Jessop Feature


After I had completed a ┬ápresentation about Deadpool, I then began a comparative analysis essay where I compared Deadpool to Guardians Of The Galaxy. I focused the essay on the growing success of superhero films, including data and statistics from box office reviews and articles. I deconstructed Deadpool and aspects that I thought had impacted … More Essay


An on the spot task was assigned to meet a client and produce a promotional video for his product. The owner of the product, Tim Jones informed the group of details about the product and what he wanted the video to cover. We then had roughly two hours to complete the filming process, in which … More BenignEye


Description For this project, I created a film narrative, where I then filmed a scene from this film idea, along with a storyboard and animatic. A synopsis and script was produced which I then created a storyboard, listing the camera angles and composition. I used the storyboard to create an animation on Adobe After Effects, … More Animatic

Short Film

Introduction For the second part of the Media and techniques module, a short film ranging from 5-8 minutes must be produced as a team or individually. A selection of genres and Film titles are provided and the film must be based on these qualities. Description I was a part of a group of three where … More Short Film


I have entered many competitions in the past and recently. I think they are a great way to see what I have to compete with and to gather research into how others meet the competition criteria. For most of my competition entries, I use Viewbag. This is a site targeted for photographers where they can … More Competitions