Self-Identified Projects

Project Ideas The Seasons For this idea, I would create four portraits of people representing the four seasons. This will be represented through costume design, background, props, and colour. Moodboard Mind Map Design Ideas Cosplayer Portraits Moodboard Mind Map Design Ideas Still Life With Narrative Moodboard Mind Map Design Ideas Advertisements

Contemporary Artists: Issues In Working Practise

Introduction I will discover what professional practitioners have struggled with in their career and how they have overcome their issues. This will allow me to understand what I can act on to avoid making similar mistakes and how to overcome relatable problems I may have through my photographic journey. A challenge that I face is … More Contemporary Artists: Issues In Working Practise

Specialist Study: Statement

Introduction It has been established that the area of interest is with creating an atmosphere in portraits, through lighting and texture. The primary focus is using studio setups, using flash and modifiers. Traditional paintings have been a fascination that represents the human form, emphasised by lighting. For example, Henry Raeburn was an 18th-century portrait painter in … More Specialist Study: Statement

Frames Of Reference

Introduction This task followed on from a previous one, where keywords were selected that represented the style of my work. Using one of the words, Tapestry I will challenge myself by going out of my comfort zone. My images feature a dark style, presenting shadows and dull colours. However, I will now experiment with different, brighter colours … More Frames Of Reference