Rule Of Odds

Introduction Another theory of composition was analysed, this time ‘The Rule Of Odds.’ I had to capture two images that represented this rule, focusing on the placements of objects within the frame. From my understanding, the rule of odds is the theory that odd numbers appear more appealing to the eye, especially when they are … More Rule Of Odds

Rule Of Space

Introduction The Rule of Space is one out of three rules of composition that I had to use when capturing two images. Rule Of Space The rule of space is when the sense of movement is created in an image. This is done by using negative space to create a conclusion upon the image, such as … More Rule Of Space

Rule Of Thirds

Introduction One of the themes for the topic ‘The Rules’ was the Rule Of Thirds. For this, I had to capture two pictures that followed the structure of the rule. Rule Of Thirds The rule of thirds is a composition style that follows a grid display of 9 sections as shown in the diagram (Rowse, No Date). … More Rule Of Thirds