Description For this project, I created a film narrative, where I then filmed a scene from this film idea, along with a storyboard and animatic. A synopsis and script was produced which I then created a storyboard, listing the camera angles and composition. I used the storyboard to create an animation on Adobe After Effects, … More Animatic

Tracking Motion

Introduction During a photography workshop, the task was to capture motion.The particular style that was focused on for this workshop was freezing the object moving, such as a bike and blurring the background to create lines that represent the movement.   Description Capturing fast paced movement is an area that I find to be a … More Tracking Motion

Rule Of Odds

Introduction Another theory of composition was analysed, this time ‘The Rule Of Odds.’ I had to capture two images that represented this rule, focusing on the placements of objects within the frame. From my understanding, the rule of odds is the theory that odd numbers appear more appealing to the eye, especially when they are … More Rule Of Odds


Introduction For this assignment, the theme was Rhythm, in which two images had to be captured representing this task. Rhythm is the repetition of objects in the frame. This can be interpreted as a musical beat, such as objects that are evenly spaced apart have a steady beat whereas objects that have a different spacing … More Rhythm

Sub Framing

Introduction For another larger assignment, three various techniques were analysed and two images per technique had to be taken, one being Subframing. This is when a subject is framed within the overall frame of the picture. For example, a famous and good example of the use of this technique was a picture taken by Robert … More Sub Framing

Rule Of Space

Introduction The Rule of Space is one out of three rules of composition that I had to use when capturing two images. Rule Of Space The rule of space is when the sense of movement is created in an image. This is done by using negative space to create a conclusion upon the image, such as … More Rule Of Space

Rule Of Thirds

Introduction One of the themes for the topic ‘The Rules’ was the Rule Of Thirds. For this, I had to capture two pictures that followed the structure of the rule. Rule Of Thirds The rule of thirds is a composition style that follows a grid display of 9 sections as shown in the diagram (Rowse, No Date). … More Rule Of Thirds


Introduction The new topic for this assignment is Semiotics, which is the meaning of signs and symbols. This was broken down into signifier and signified, in which I had to take two photographs of the signifier and one of the signified. Theory Of Semiotics The signifier is a symbol that allows the viewers to immediately … More Semiotics

Negative Space

I travelled to Ruthin castle during the evening, where I took this image of a tree against the cloudy sky.. I positioned the tree to the right of the image, presenting negative space on the left. The silhouette effectz was intended to produce a ‘moody’ atmosphere to the picture. Not much natural light was present, … More Negative Space


Introduction The aim was to make a simple image that is minimalist but still effective and interesting. I used the same subject matter, which is the candles to make the image simplistic and filled the negative space with black to emphasise the candle flame and ensure the picture is not too ‘busy’. The setup was … More Simplification