An on the spot task was assigned to meet a client and produce a promotional video for his product. The owner of the product, Tim Jones informed the group of details about the product and what he wanted the video to cover. We then had roughly two hours to complete the filming process, in which … More BenignEye

Personal and Professional Development Plan-Creative Futures Week

Creative Future Week Strengths Areas to improve I was able to take a lot of advice and information away from the week, ensuring that I attend every talk that I could include into each day and spoke to the speakers personally if I had further questions. I think a key piece of advice was to … More Personal and Professional Development Plan-Creative Futures Week

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography As a team, I and Fay had an inquiry about taking pictures for someone’s wedding. Neither of us was familiar with the bride and groom, making this a strictly professional job opportunity. We agreed to be the wedding photographers but did not ask for much money in return as this would be our … More Wedding Photography

Social Media

Social media is primary the use of communicating to others with the meeting in person. The basic idea of social media can be recorded as early as  550 BC through the use of messages sent by the postal services. However, this has been significantly developed and created into a mainstream use through digital means,, leading … More Social Media


History of HTML In 1989 the internet was created by Berners-Lee. The language used to create this was called HTML and, although updated version since been made. Berners-Lee only created this in order to better communication and organisation with other physicians who live around the world, enabling them to download one another’s work onto their … More HTML and CSS


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a way that typically makes websites more noticeable and increases the ranking of the website in the search results. This is the way in which the search engine can provide relevant results from what has been typed into the search bar. The title of website or something within that site … More SEO

Web Banner

Introduction Using Adobe Photoshop CC I have created a web banner that advertises my photography and has interactive images that take the user to set locations that I have assigned. Text I have only used the name that I Use for my photography. I wanted a simple design that did not confuse or disinterest viewers. If … More Web Banner

Video Encoding

Video encoding is used to convert video data into formats that then can be used on other applications, devices and web based sites. Encoding affects the quality of the video and the file type it is formatted as (Coconut, No Date). The various formats have their own different qualities that make them compatible with particular applications … More Video Encoding