Lunaesque Creative Photography

Lunaesque is a photography company containing two photographers, Carol Angel and Angela Harper. They both have their own photography careers but work together under the Lunaesque name throughout the year on various projects. They specialise in event and fine art portraiture photography. (Angel, 2015), (Harper, 2015) Carri Angel was in born in Liverpool in 1962. She … More Lunaesque Creative Photography

Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is a “photographer and retoucher” (Johansson, No Date) situated in Sweden and Prague. He originates from Sweden where he was in Götene in 1985 (Johansson, No Date). At an early age, he was influenced by nature and art. he expressed himself through his drawings, developing a creative and abstract way of thinking. However, … More Erik Johansson

Chris McLennan

Born in 1964 at Riversdale, New Zealand (International Colour Awards, No Date). Chris McLennan is a travel photographer renowned for his vibrant and powerful images. Moving away from his farming village he first opened a studio focusing on portraiture and wedding photography. However, his passion for adventure and sports changed his focus to commercial photography. … More Chris McLennan