After I had completed a  presentation about Deadpool, I then began a comparative analysis essay where I compared Deadpool to Guardians Of The Galaxy. I focused the essay on the growing success of superhero films, including data and statistics from box office reviews and articles. I deconstructed Deadpool and aspects that I thought had impacted the film success. After this I analysed Guardians, comparing this film to Deadpool and their overall success.

picture7I collected information from external sources, such as Box Office data and found information about the production of the films. One of the most useful sources was a video with the lead visual effects member that discussed the CGI and production process.

I felt that I preferred the essay over the presentation because it did not create as much pressure and I could complete this task in my own time. However, I think that the presentation went more successfully and met the criteria appropriately. Whereas I think the essay has not included enough comparison between the two texts.

I did not complete the essay in chronological order. I finished different sections, which I think made the writing flow less and confused myself to what had been done and what to discuss next. For the future essays, I will ensure that I have a plan of the essay structure and the key points that will be discussed. I should have stayed focused on the main objective which was to compare both texts to one another instead, this would have been achieved successfully if I had created a plan before starting the essay that I could regularly refer back to.

I felt that I focused too much on Deadpool and should have conducted more research into Guardians Of The Galaxy. The focus should have been on the camera techniques for both films, directors and editing styles, which would have provided appropriate analysis into both texts and created a conclusion on the success of these films.


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