An on the spot task was assigned to meet a client and produce a promotional video for his product. The owner of the product, Tim Jones informed the group of details about the product and what he wanted the video to cover. We then had roughly two hours to complete the filming process, in which we were successful in achieving. I made sure to ask Tim if he had any particular shot idea for his video, which he informed me that he wanted his banner in the shot next to him. This was taken into consideration and brought to the group, making sure that we composed the shot appropriately to meet the client’s criteria.

The TV studio was the chosen location for the filming process because it offered control over lighting, no interruption or unwanted background distractions. This room is also sound proof, making the audio sound clear with no unwanted background sounds. A softbox was used to light the subject, this created a more professional aesthetic and ensured that Tim could be clearly seen in the shots. Two cameras were used to increase shot variety that was mounted on a tripod so that the footage was stabilized with no chance of unwanted movement. He was then given a Lav mic that clipped onto his collar, which produced clear audio that is much higher quality than the in camera mic.

As a team, we took rolls to make the process easy and fast wCapture.PNGith the willingness to help one another so that issues were resolved and everyone understands what needed to be done. Although we were uncertain as to how we would compose the video and did not have much organisation at the beginning due to being unable to plan this occasion, we were able to complete this task and improve the production process once we began filming.

This was a valuable experience to work under pressure and meet client needs. This made me understand how important planning is and the impact it can have on productions. However, I am pleased with the results and think that we worked effectively and gained experience communicating to clients.

After filming I began to edit the footage. I finished the first draft edit the same night, which I sent dir18555019_833231840186989_1380461757_n.pngectly to the client to retrieve his feedback. He was pleased with the quick draft and provided suggestions for improvements. He wanted images to be added to the edit, which he later sent and was not satisfied with the closeup shot. Therefore, I included the images and applied background audio to make the video more engaging for the viewers. I sent this second edit to make sure that he was happy with the background audio, in which he agreed improved the overall video. I then began to change the closeup shots to the other mid shot. Although a problem that I faced was that there were not enough cutaways to remove jump cuts. I then zoomed into some of the shots slightly to reduce the appearance of jump cuts but making sure that I did not create too much of a close up which he did not want.

This opportunity has allowed me to gain more understanding of dealing with clients and working with their feedback. I was also able to practice editing and syncing the audio with the footage. This experience has been a great learning opportunity which I am pleased that I participated in. The video has since been published and received positive feedback. I think improvements for future promotional videos would be to include more cutaways and shot variety.

Final Product


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