For this project, I created a film narrative, where I then filmed a scene from this film idea, along with a storyboard and animatic. A synopsis and script was produced which I then created a storyboard, listing the camera angles and composition. I used the storyboard to create an animation on Adobe After Effects, where I inserted the images and used keyframes to make certain images animated, such as the character moving or gave the impression that the camera panned or zoomed in.


Horror, action


A dystopian world where the criminals become the victims. In response to the highest level crimes committed the criminals are made candidates for a brutal event that aims to kill them in creative and gruesome ways. Each year holds a new theme, this year being a masquerade. The trained fighters (known as hunters) have to wear masks as they hunt the criminals for the enjoyment of the City.

However, their most skilled fighter discovers that one of the contestants is his old friend and finally changes the targets, directing his long hatred towards the hosts and disrupting the games. After killing the other hunters, and hosts he then escapes the warehouse in search of taking down the corrupt organisation.


Beginning of the event, located in a forest. The hunters are somewhere in the woods as well as the criminals. The criminals are disoriented, unaware that the games have begun or that they are even part of it. One hunter begins to hunt a criminal, shots show him approaching behind one criminal.

Emotional Response

For this project, we had to work individually. I was unsure to how I found find this but soon discovered that it was not a concern and enjoyed having complete freedom over the project. The largest concern that I had was finding an actor. I made the script and narrative directed at two characters. However, I could not find an available second actor, therefore had to improvise. I resulted in using the actor for both roles. This meant I had thought of certain camera angles and transitions that did not need both characters in the frame at the same time. I found this restricting and challenging but was determined to complete the task and meet the criteria.

I felt more pressure because I was in charge of every role and task. I had to be organised on the day so that I could film and direct at once. This was not too difficult but did have challenges. However, I think that has improved my working style and pushed me out of my comfort zone.

The storyboard was tedious to complete. This was not a task that I had an interest in completing, instead, I wanted to move onto the script and filming the production. Although I knew that the storyboard is beneficial in the planning process and will make the production easier to understand and follow when shooting.


I think that to improve the film I could have used more creative shot variety. An aim was to demonstrate rules of compositions, such as rule of thirds and sub-framing. Although there was some evidence of this I should have thought more carefully when planning the shots. More uses of semiotics, lines and shapes and other compositional techniques could be used in order to produce and effective and engaging visual narrative.

Another negative is that there is not much thought into the audio for the animatic. I should have applied more detailed audio to the shots in order to create a similar design to what I would use for the film. For the film itself, I think the non-diegetic audio could still be improved. The gun shot is too loud and more creative sounds could have been included. I could have also added more background audio that represented the environment, such as natural sounds typically expected in forests. These sounds could have been manipulated, such as after the gunfire the sound of birds flying away, creating a dramatic and tense situation.

The animatic is too fast in the rendered version, During editing, I thought that the clips might be transitioning between one another too quickly but forgot to alter his issue. I then found when looking back that it was difficult to understand what was happening due to the speed. In reflection, I should check my work more thoroughly and ensure that I have solved any issues before showcasing my work.


Overall I think that for a first attempt at using After Effects I am satisfied with the outcome but understand I have much to improve upon. I will learn the tool and effects that can be produced in this software that I can then apply to other work.

The film has potential to be improved by applying creative angles and editing techniques. I need to take more time researching techniques and understanding effective transitions from shots. Using the same actor hindered the production because it limited certain shots that I could have used. With planning and reaching out to more people, this will be avoided in future projects.

Story Board



Final Film



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