Personal and Professional Development Plan-Creative Futures Week

Creative Future Week

Strengths Areas to improve
I was able to take a lot of advice and information away from the week, ensuring that I attend every talk that I could include into each day and spoke to the speakers personally if I had further questions. I think a key piece of advice was to network. I think I could improve on this and connect with more people to create links that may benefit me.


I will connect with individuals of businesses to create networks that could benefit my career. I will communicate through emails and face to face to offer any collaborations or opportunities where I could be needed to help others and in return gain links and work opportunities.
Date to complete


How will you achieve these goals?   E.g. Artist research, Trips, Technology, Events, Workshops, Outside work.


Visit events where I can speak face to face with others and offer my photography services.


What resources will you need?   E.g. Computer, Adobe, Pencils, A3 sketch pad.
Computer, access to internet.


How will you measure your achievement?  E.g. one to one’s, regular feedback from tutors/peers.
I will be able to measure my achievement through the use of new networks that I have created.

I have since created new networks and gain valuable opportunities. For example, I have visited Greenacres animal park where I spoke to the manager and was offered to be a photographer for their park. I emailed them my images as requested for their use.

I have also linked with the game development program leader for Glyndwr University, taking pictures of his events and booking further events, such as the end of year Level Up event. My work has since been used on various pages, including the University website.




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