I have entered many competitions in the past and recently. I think they are a great way to see what I have to compete with and to gather research into how others meet the competition criteria.

For most of my competition entries, I use Viewbag. This is a site targeted for photographers where they can share their work. I enter the free competition and also challenged created by others members. I enter a variety of themes and briefs to practice in many different areas of photography.

Currently, my eagle picture has been the most successful on the site. This has won the Summer Award and my macro shot of a snail has won Member Selection award. I have also won 238 awards given by other members of the site. It is very satisfying to have positive feedback, but I do not enter competitions just to win. I think they offer valuable experience with following a brief. I must meet the criteria of the competition and my work must stand out from the many others entered. This challenges my abilities and encourages creative thinking.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 00.13.54Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 00.12.12

I entered the Glyndwr University Flora and Fauna competition. A maximum of three images were allowed to be submitted, that must feature content that related to flora and fauna. This had to be sent through email with my name and name of pictures. I submitted the images below. I chose these images because I thought they presented vibrant colours that may attract attention and I used the style of macro because this is something I practice often and find enjoyable. The shallow depth of field was to make the subjects the center of attention and show the details in the flowers and snail. Outdoor surroundings were used with uncontrollable light and for the rose, I used a home built studio setup. They images could have been displayed at Northop Campus at a later date if I provided printed copies to the venue. However, I was occupied with other studies and projects that I forgot to print them in time. This is a lesson for all future deadlines. I did not make think of it as important but I know now that I should think of all deadlines as important.


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