Creative Futures Week, Day 3

Preparing Yourself For The Working World And Building Your Confidence

Vidar Hjardeng was the speaker for this discussion that he intended to be informal and more of a conversation between himself and us. He studied a postgraduate course in Journalism at London University and is now currently the Diversity Consulted for ITV News. Had had much experience and knowledge in the journalism sector that was very interesting to her, however, is he especially inspiring to me because he has become successful in his industry whilst dealing with blindness. This had not prevented him from achieving high and becoming widely respected.

Key Points;

  • Focus on what you would like to do and answer these questions;
  • Is it realistic?
  • What am I good at?
  • What am I not good at?
  • Go for your aspirations
  • Gain experience along the way even though you might fail, the journey is still valuable.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Ask yourself questions you think others will ask you, this especially useful when preparing for interviews.
  • Planning is important.
  • Be aware of the availabilities that will benefit you.

This discussion provided information about going from a student to industry. He comforted us that everyone will feel pressure and nervous but this is just something that will be overcome in time. He expressed that you must make your ambitions lead you through the difficult times.

This was interesting for me personally as I have not met someone with visual impairment in a similar industry to myself and who has become successful. It was inspiring to hear him speak openly about his blindness and encourage us that we are no less than others. I took this opportunity to speak to him and we discussed our visual impairment and how to overcome any difficulties that it may cause. He assured me that if there is something that I struggle with because of the impairment that we just find other alternatives to reach the same goal as others. He expressed that people may undermine you and think that you are not as capable but this is untrue and you can achieve the same goals and more.

Taking Control Of Your Ideas

Nia Roberts works at Swansea University and informed us about protecting our work and the laws of protecting various forms of ideas and work.

Key Points;

Copyright and Trademark

  • Short words can not be copyrighted, instead, it has to be trademarked using the UK intellectual property office.
  • Copyright lasts 70 years after death.
  • You have to register your trademark in separate categories, such as toys and clothing.
  • Copyright covers literary, artistic and musical work.


  • Patterns last 20 years.
  • Registered design only protects the appearance of the item.
  • Keep a record of your work and creative process.
  • Get everything in writing.

This topic was very useful because I have been researching how to copyright work and finding more information about it. However, he has cleared a lot of areas that I was confused with and has provided the site names where you can protect work. I will research more into these areas to gain a better understanding of how this can be applied to my work.


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