Action Plan-Wedding Photography

Personal and Professional Development Plan

Wedding Photography

Strengths Areas to improve
Communication to guests on the day of the wedding. Dealing with low lighting conditions



I will learn more lighting techniques. This can be done by speaking to knowledgeable people and watching tutorials on Youtube. To be completed by 24.04.2017

Date to complete


How will you achieve these goals?   E.g. Artist research, Trips, Technology, Events, Workshops, Outside work.


I will watch the following tutorials.


What resources will you need?   E.g. Computer, Adobe, Pencils, A3 sketch pad.
Computer, access to internet.


How will you measure your achievement?  E.g. one to one’s, regular feedback from tutors/peers.
Regular practise and comparing improvements.

I have learned more about controlled lighting and the effects it can have on subjects. I have applied a lot of experimentation with lighting that I conducted after the wedding and used it to also to aid in an assignment, my working process is discussed in the post;



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