Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

As a team, I and Fay had an inquiry about taking pictures for someone’s wedding. Neither of us was familiar with the bride and groom, making this a strictly professional job opportunity. We agreed to be the wedding photographers but did not ask for much money in return as this would be our first wedding and the clients were not willing to spend much on photographers.

The clients were not originally going to have a photographer and were not wanting a full day of photos. This made it feel more relaxed and as though our current skill level would not be too much of a concern for something as important as a wedding. However, I was still concerned about the quality of the images we may produce and the lighting conditions. We visited the venue to get an idea of the lighting and where we would take the images. We consulted with a lecturer throughout the planning and I met with a wedding photographer who gave me a detailed plan of shots that are important. This planning helped with understanding what had to be done and made it easier on the day.

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During the day we were not as organised as hoped, this was mainly down to nerves and pressure on the day. Although, we remained professional and put in our full effort, however, I feel that it was a high expectation that we had taken on. We went through the shot list that the bride wanted to be done, making sure we completed each task.

We split up to cover more photo opportunities, my partner taking images of the guests going into the ceremony room with the groom, and I waited outside the bride’s room to get her going down the stairs. I then quickly went into the ceremony room at the back to capture wide angle shots of the bride walking up the aisle.

As a team we had a wide range of shots and were able to take control of the guests to organise the group shots. We took use of the location and grew with confidence whilst we were there. I think we still need more practise, especially in low lighting conditions. However, I am pleased with our first wedding result. I would not like to conduct another wedding soon, as I would prefer to develop my skills further before agreeing to such a large task, which carries much pressure.


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