The Photography Show

I have attended the UK The Photography Show in Birmingham on the student day. This is my first experience at this event and I was looking forward to viewing the new technology and being able to speak to professionals. After attending I am very satisfied with the day. I was able to view all the stalls in the large venue that showcased a wide range of technology for filmmakers and photogr077aphers. I was delighted to see the vast range of products, such as studio lighting equipment, lenses, and backdrops.

The most informative and interesting stalls were Canon, Sigma, and Hasselblad. I tried various cameras, such as the Hasselblad H6D-100c which was worth over £20,000 for the body only. I found it was heavier than other cameras but the results from the images taken were exceptional and the large sensor made high ISO settings present near invisible noise. In the Canon stall, I was able to view the Canon 5D M!V and Canon 1D X MII which I found to be very useful cameras. The Canon !D is one of Canon’s highest models of camera that is often used for Photojournalism and wildlife photography, however, the 5D s better for filming also. I am int001erested in both these Canon cameras and found the information provided very helpful.

I was interested in viewing the studio related stalls. I have been undertaking various amounts of studio work and am looking into different equipment. I was able to speak to the production manager for a studio lighting company which produces constant lights. I found the backdrop stall to be useful because I was able to view the different types of backdrop sizes and materials. They presented smaller portable backdrops that I think could be useful for future projects.

Another area that I have been researching is creating physical portfolios. I have begun to create my own but found it helpful to view the professional portfolios. There were various papers the images were printed on and materials for the book itself. I found that the higher quality appearing portfolios made the photographer appear professional and created a more impacting presentation of their work. This will be something I research further to produce a sophisticated presentation of my photographs to show to clients.

I spoke to the Lea Tippett, the lead photographer for Sigma, which was beneficial and interesting. He introduced me to a new line of Sigma cameras that are small built, light weight but produce high-quality images that do107 not lose detail when cropped. He showed examples of his work using the cameras and explained that a photograph of a man could be cropped close to his face and printed on large format paper, which he showed that had not lost any image quality. This is something that would be very effective to use and I found the camera’s lightweight and compact an advantage when not wanted to take my whole equipment but still wanted high-quality images.

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I also filmed the event using my DJI Osmo Plus, which is shown at the beginning of this post. I found that my Osmo attracted attention, such as people asking what it was and someone at the Canon stall asked questions about the filming capabilities and my personal views upon it. I found this to be interesting and enjoyed the conversations with like minded people. I enjoyed filming the event and find it useful to view back, as well as developing my editing skills. I also took pictures of the event using my Canon 7D and a 50mm f1.8 lens that I am borrowing. It was my first experience with the lens and found it to be suitable for the event as it worked well in low light conditions. This has made me realise how valuable the wide aperture is resulting in the purchase of a similar lens. I am undertaking more event photography jobs which used to be a challenge with the low lit conditions but this lens will improve the overall quality.

Overall I think it was extremely beneficial to have attended this event because I have learned what equipment is available that will be useful for future projects. I learned valuable information about cameras and was able to speak to professionals that provided useful information about particular products. I think for future visits to this event I will have to watch one of the presentations by famous photographers that costs an extra £10 per talk. They also include demonstrations that will advance my knowledge and learn their techniques. I will also watch smaller demonstration around the stalls in order to learn as much information as possible during the event.



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