Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a way that typically makes websites more noticeable and increases the ranking of the website in the search results. This is the way in which the search engine can provide relevant results from what has been typed iScreen Shot 2016-12-11 at 01.56.32.pngnto the search bar. The title of website or something within that site will go into an algorithm which the search engine can then understand what the creator wants the site to be associated with and which results will be suitable with what the user has searched for.

Therefore if a site has made their site optimal, more traffic will be received and their site will gain higher rankings in search results. The developers are able to make their sites successful by using simple headlines, outlines the key points in the title that will be used to make their site appear in the search results. For example, a photographer has created his website named Chris McLennan Photography. This then has created various search results from this title, using his first and second name and the word photography as separate tags that can be related to different searches. He also has tags on his website which are another way to optimise the site. Using keywords in tags will further increase the noticeability of the site.

However, if a complex sentence or too many words are used this can confuse the algorithm and effect the noticeability of the site. For example, a long title would not be as effective as a short, to the point title, which would make it less likely to be seen or used in search results unless the user searched that specific name.

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 02.02.09.png

Search engines use techniques to make define the search further by using options to search for specific aspects. This includes options such as Images, Maps and Videos which will only show information that are under these specific categories. The user can also define what is shown in the search results by selecting advanced search under settings which takes the user to filtered options. If someone wanted to use only royalty-free images then this can be selected so that only these type of image appear is the search. This makes the user experience, simple, easy and faster creating an efficient way of displays data to users.

This will be beneficial to my work in order to attract more people to my website and advertise my work to a mass audience by using tags and suitable headlines that will make the ranking higher in the search results.


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