Contemporary Issues: Popularity Of Photography Threatening The Photography Industry

With digital technology rapidly advancing, photography has also dramatically changed with the equipment used and how it is seen to the public. Photography is classed as an art form that took great skill but it has become apparent that everyone has become a ‘photographer’ with the improvement of mobile phone cameras. Although photography has gained much more appreciation and acknowledgment over the years it has led to the industry being too popular that it threatens professional photographers and those wanting to pursue a full-time career in this sector.

Smartphones have allowed people to take pictures on a regular basis with the possibilities of producing high-quality images from the phone camera. However, this has degraded photographers as many would rather free pictures taken from their phone, threatening the employment of full-time photographers. This issue has been raised by numerous photographers, including a photographer named Antonio Olmos expresses that “There have never been so many photographs taken, but photography is dying,” signifying that although photography grew in popularity it is seen less as an art form and just something that can be done by anyone.

An article released by Ofcom states that “Smartphones now take more photos than any other device, including digital cameras.” With this amount of photographs being taken by general consumers mean that it has become harder to produce a unique image that stands out from the rest and will want to make people pay for the skills of the photographer. Professional photographers have to work harder in order to create an image that impacts the viewers and demonstrates technical and artistic skills that general consumers would not be able to achieve.


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