Instead of creating another film I had to produce a recut of an already released film. This could be either live action or animated. The credit of the film had to be for a one minute trailer that depicts the film as a different genre that the original. For examples from the various recuts I analysed many turned a children film into a horror, such as Monster Ink.

For this, I decided to choose Toy Story 1 as the film that I would edit. I changed this into a horror, focusing on sound and the manipulation of the story by choosing certain clips that give a darker atmosphere to the trailer.


Choice Of Clips

After importing the full film file into Premiere I began to look through the scenes. I decided to build up to the horror aspect of the trailer, therefore searched for more innocent clips. I decided on the clips in the beginning of the narrative with the character Andy playing with his toys.

I then inserted a short clip of Woody’s fact which led to darker clips. I created a pathetic fallacy by inserting shots of lightning and rain. I did not use large pieces of the scenes, each clip I have taken out so that none of them is in their original order.

From this point the narrative has begun innocent, portraying an ordinary boy playing with his toys, to a gradual dark atmosphere with clips of toys caged and the use of weather to create a ‘gloomy’ mood upon the narrative. I focused on Woody to connote that he is an important part of the film and with the added effect I applied it suggests that something dark will occur.

The rest of the clips I chose feature unsettling scenes of the toys, such as when Woody turns his head andscreen-shot-2016-12-10-at-23-06-55 broken toys running towards the audience. I made the pace faster with the use of more clips that are shorter but darker.

I featured the clips in the original film that show broken toys, dark rooms, conventional scary toys such as dolls head and jack in the box. I wanted to make the viewers feel uneasy and understand this is not the child-friendly film they are used to. I think by choosing these particular clips from the film I have changed the genre to a horror. I think the choice of clips has been effective, although I think that the pace should have been made faster nearer the end of the trailer and some clips in the middle did not present a gradual change is pace but instead some slower and faster than others which made the pace of the trailer feel less consistent and noticeable which I do not want.

To finish the trailer I used the Toy Story logo. I changed the colour to red in order to symbolise the horror aspect of the trailer and signify that this is not the typical Toy Story film. I think this has worked well and finishes the trailer with the name of the film that will be the last thing the viewers will remember but with the added dark atmosphere to the logo is emphasises the horror genre.


I inserted text to add written codes and conventions to the trailer. I think text breaks up the visuals to allow a change in pace and creates more interest to the trailer. The text at the beginning of the trailer is different to the other text used. This is because I was introducing the production company, similarly to how most trailer introduces trailers. I did this to create a professional and realistic appearance to the trailer. I made it formal with white writing to further add to the professional appearance.

The rest of the text shown in the trailer is much different from, however. I used red to symbolise danger, which is a conventional use of colour in horror genrscreen-shot-2016-12-10-at-23-06-08es. I then used a font that gives a blood effect, conventionally used in horror trailers. The use of capitals is to make the text bold and expressive so that it catches the viewer’s attention.

I did not want to use too much text as this would appear boring but wanted to add another uncomforting element to the trailer by presenting short sentences that connote danger and violence.


I did not use a large variety of transition because I think it can be distracting makes it more difficult for the audience to be immersed into the narrative. Therefore I only used fades and cuts for this trailer. The beginning of the trailer fades in, to slowly introduce the film, instead of a jump to the visuals which I do not think appears professional or attractive. This is the same with the end, as the fade out slowly ends the trailer instead of a cut which makes the trailer feel unfinished.

The only other use of fades was to imply a change of scene and pace. For example, the start shows the boy playing with is toys but before changing to the dark, faster-paced clips I faded into text which indicates a change and slowly transitions to the change, instead of a jump which does not appear effective in my opinion.

Simple cuts were used for the rest of the clips, creating a faster pace and a continuous feel to the trailer. I had to be careful not to use clips that had a similar setup and angle, otherwise, this would produce a jump cut which does not have an effective result.


I applied various effects in order to create an interesting and more useful effScreen Shot 2016-12-10 at 23.00.47.pngect upon the trailer. I think the most effective effect I used was when creating the flicker on some clips. This was first used on the close-up of Woody, connoting that this is not an innocent trailer about toys. I did this by using the effect option panel on Premiere and selecting the opacity options. I then went to the point in the timeline where I wanted the effect to begin and change the opacity to 0 which made the screen black. I then changed the opacity to 100 again after the first effect to make the flicker. I then copy and pasted the effects to create more flickers. I found this process easier and it was not time-consuming. I think it has given the desired effect that I intended.

The only other effect I used was to some brighter clips in the trailer. Compared to most of the other clips the outside scenes were a lot brighter, therefore I lowered the brightness by using an effect option which allowed me to control the amount of black and white tones were in the clip. However, this has created a filter over the clip with the vibrancy darkened not the overall brightness. Using the levels in After Effect would have been a more suitable option, which I will consider for future editing.


I enjoy using audio as I believe it manipulates the mood of the film, playing an important factor into the overview emersion from the audience. I searched for music that was creepy and suitable for a horror trailer. I took away the audio tracks from the original film, using only the creepy tracks I have found. However, I used the original audio on various occasions in the trailer, such as during times when Woody speaks to one character. I thought that his threats made the trailer much more suspenseful and atmospheric, suiting the style trailer I was creating. I reduced the volume of the backing audio track so that t was easier to hear Woody speak.

For the beginning of the trailer I used a nursery rhyme to signify the child-like environment but I used a remake that was much more unsettling to connote a horror theme to the narrative. This then changed to a faster-paced track which included moments of loud noises that would increase the dramatic and suspenseful atmosphere. When changing different types of audio I made the two different tracks overlap and fade in and out so that it was not a noticeable jump to different music, instead of a slow transition.

I applied sound effects such as a flickering noise which was aligned with the flickering visuals to add further horror conventions. I used the original sound of the thunder and door slamming as this added to the horror audio codes typically heard in this genre. I think the sounds worked well and succeeded in adding to the creation of the horror genre. I think the trailer would not have the same effect without the music, producing a less interesting and scary trailer. However, the section when the door appears and closes the audio stops and then suddenly changes. It was meant to suddenly change to create a dramatic effect but I think the pause is too long which breaks the continuity in an ineffective way.


Overall I met the deadline and met the criteria of making a one minute trailer. I think I achieved the other areas of the brief by changing the genre of the original film in the trailer. I found this an enjoyable experience and the process was not too challenging and not time-consuming, completing the task two weeks before the deadline. I have gained further knowledge of Premiere and understood the impact audio and coeds have when producing certain genre conventions.

I enjoyed taking time away from the group work and focusing on my own project where I could plan and take more time into editing. I would like to advance further and be able to use after effects for more complex effects that would improve the overall quality of films that I produce.


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