The third part of the assignment is Tempo, where I had to take two more images for this theme. Tempo is similar to rhythm, but it is aimed towards the energy and speed of an image. This can be implied by the use of motion or lack of motion in the image to create fast pace or calming energy.


Figure 1

I had been wanting to create an image that shows motion blur in a ‘ghostly’ effect. I thought this suited the theme, therefore experimented for the first time with this technique.

Equipment and Camera Settings

In order to achieve the ghosting effect, I set the aperture to f22 so that the static objects would be sharp and used a shutter speed of ⅓ which was slow enough to capture the shoppers walking past but with blur that was partially transparent, which produced the ghostly effect.

The tripod was essential for this technique because if the background was not in focus it would not have the same effect and lowered the image quality. The slow shutter was also beneficial with the dull lighting conditions, making the image more evenly exposed.

The background is not as sharp as I would have liked, but I believe with practice this would improve. I was out of my comfort zone for this image but found it interesting and satisfying to experiment with. The wide angle lens enabled me to capture more of the street which was the better lens to use what I had available.

Location and Setup

I took the image in Chester as I thought this would be the busiest location. I positioned the camera on the side of the path so that the shoppers could walk past. Different angles could have improved the picture, such as motion blur on stairs.


I chose a busy location and aligned the camera with the pavement so that it appeared straight. I then waited for a group of people to walk past the camera to take the picture. I found it interesting as people are used to having to stay out of the way of the camera so that they do not ruin the photo, therefore I had crowds of people waiting for me to finish the picture instead of walking past.

I think a weekend day would have improved the image as more people would have created a more dramatic motion effect. I would have [referred a wave of ghostly blurred crowds of people instead of the gaps shown in figure 1.


To conclude I think I met the criteria of the brief, creating a sense of fast pace energy from the shoppers. I think the effect made the image present the energy of the people and as my first time, I believe it went successfully.

It was an interesting experience to use the camera settings that I am not used to and photograph in a busy area which attracts attention from the public. I left early as unwanted attention was attracted by two men which were uncomfortable and think may be an issue with young female photographers in public locations.

Overall I enjoyed this method and will continue to practice, improving the effect and image quality.


Figure 2

For the second image, I wanted to present a strong energy but using a different technique. For this, I focused on a simpler setup contracting lenses.

Equipment and Camera Settings

Turned lights off, not much lighting control, liked the challenge, freeze motion, through the glass, shallow depth of field, dark so higher iso but not too high.

I used a macro lens to capture the detail in the flame, unlike the first image where I wanted to capture the whole image in focus. I intended to freeze the motion of the flame instead of creating motion blur. To do this I used an aperture of f2 with the shutter speed of 1.25. The shutter is not usually fast enough to capture fast motion but I found it worked efficiently for this image. The low light condition made it more difficult to use a faster shutter without raising the ISO too high. I used an ISO of 160 which does not create much noise within the picture.

Location and Setup

I decided the use a candle in my house and turned the lights off so that the flame was vibrant and not overexposed. I wanted to light the scene with the flame, therefore I found turning all lights off was the better option. I hand held the camera to so that I had more freedom to move and get close to the flame.


I filled the frame with the candle flame so that it was the primary focus. I thought that the energy from the flame could be portrayed even though the action is frozen. I think the vibrancy of the flame has helped to show the energy, although I should have experimented with motion blur also to decide if this would have been more effective.


Overall I am satisfied with the outcome of the image but should have conducted further experiments with different techniques, such as motion blur. I enjoy improvising with home setups and building the scene myself. I think I achieved the brief of creating tempo, although think opinions could have varying interpretations of the image.



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