For this assignment, the theme was Rhythm, in which two images had to be captured representing this task. Rhythm is the repetition of objects in the frame. This can be interpreted as a musical beat, such as objects that are evenly spaced apart have a steady beat whereas objects that have a different spacing from one another create a different rhythm depending on the size of the spaces apart.


The aim for the first image was to portray a steady beat through the use of even spacing between objects.

Equipment and Camera Settings

The wide angle lens and Canon 7D was used for this picture. I used a trip that made the experience much easier and enabled me to use settings that would produce higher quality images. I was able to set the ISO to 100 and the shutter to 1.80. The aperture was set to f8 to ensure the foreground was sharp but still enough depth of field to blur the background. In reflection, the shutter should have been lowered so that more light entered the lens to make the fencing less underexposed and this would have also created motion blur with the people in the background. I think the people are distracting which takes attention away from the intended focus in the picture.

Location and Setup

I went to Chester for this image on the clock bridge. I saw the railings and thought that it presented a steady rhythm by the repetitive pattern. However, a different location that was quieter with less in the background would have benefitted this image. The background is too distracting and does not make the focus point stand out to the viewers. I felt rushed as the city was busy with not much room on the bridge, therefore a quiet location with similar fencing would have been a better choice of setup.


The equal spacing between the railings and same shapes, in my opinion, portrays a steady beat. This image has a simple composition. It is level with the railing, looking straight on at the fence. I was focusing more on the pattern and did not provide much attention to the way the image was composed. I think this could have been more creatively captured and the overall composition us basic and uninteresting.


To conclude I think it has presented a sense of rhythm but is not a creative image and has exposure issues and a distracting background. I think this could have been done more effectively but found it difficult to decide how to portray this theme. I think rhythm is portrayed differently between individuals which make it uncertain if others view the image similarly as I do.


Figure 2

The second image for the task was meant to create a binary opposition with the first image. I wanted to experiment with different types of representing rhythm, therefore used a steady rhythm in figure one but captured the opposite for this picture.

Equipment and Camera Settings

I used a 60mm macro lens in order to get up close and capture the detail in the mushrooms. I used an aperture of f4 because I wanted to create a shallow depth of field to focus on the details of particular mushrooms. However, I did not use an aperture of f2 because I wanted more than one mushroom in focus.

I was able to set the ISO to its minimum of 100 which I refer and the shutter speed was set to 1/100. This shutter froze movement, which was beneficial as there was some wind which would move the mushrooms and grass. I find that green reveals more noise compared to other colours which have been a known fact within photography, making the use of the lowest ISO number more beneficial.

Location and Setup

This was taken in my garden as the lawn becomes populated the Autumn mushrooms. I took the image at a low angle, on the floor so that the mushrooms appear large in the frame. I found this an enjoyable experience because outdoor and macro photography is one of my favourite applications of photography.

It is always interesting to work with natural lighting as it is uncontrollable. I found that the sun was not too harsh in this circumstance which did not cause problems with harsh shadows and overexposure. It was too dark that the ISO had to be raised and the shutter could be at a suitable speed to freeze action. I preferred this experience compared to the first image as the surrounds and lighting was fun and easier to work in.


I filled the frame with the mushrooms so that they were the focal point of the picture. I focused the viewer’s attention on the centre mushrooms and blurred the background and mushrooms to the sides. I think the low perspective is more effective than a higher angle and erases the viewers with the scene, positioning them in the same perspective as the mushrooms.

I think the mushrooms represent rhythm by the repetition of the of the cluster but has created a different beat from the first image because the mushrooms are different heights and spacing. This has created a beat that in my opinion changed according to the height which indicates pitch and rhythm from the spacing between each one.


Overall I think that I have met the brief but think this style of photography is more difficult as it is matter of opinion and even though a rhythm may appear to myself it may not be represented by others. The style of abstract photography is a new experience to me with a different way of thinking needed. I will continue to develop my skills in this area and find it a fascinating aspect to practise and create.


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