5 Person Horror (4 Minute)

Final Production


A 4 Minute horror film had to be created with 4 group members. We could not choose the team, instead, people were placed in teams at random from the Film and Photography and TV Production courses. The only requirements were that it meets horror conventions with only the use of a tripod and camera that was provided.

Emotional Response

For this project, I felt the pressure of the deadline. We only had one week to complete the filming and editing. This made me uncertain of how much this would impact the quality of the film and if the whole group would be able to attend the filming sessions.

It was difficult to organise times when everyone was available. This lead to the film being filmed close to the deadline that meant the film and editing were rushed. I am not satisfied with the final result because I think we had more potential and could have produced a high-quality production.

During the project, the group had communication issues, which made it difficult to plan and ensure that everyone understood their roles. Some issues occurred between the group during filming because there were different ideas of what should be filmed which caused confusion.

It became stressful when the actors had a short time slot to film, which the majority of the team were unaware of until the filming had begun. This meant that there was not enough time to finish the film. To resolve this issue the cast was changed to members of the group and an actor that could stay later. This changed the script slightly and made it more of a  rush and unorganised when filming.


I think there are some interesting angles, such as the closeup of feet and high angles of the characCapture 3ters. These shots add more interest to the narrative which makes the audience more engaged. However, I think much more could have been included. Creative shots would have emphasised emotions or situations, such as the camera positioned at an angle would have created an uncomfortable feeling for the audience which could have been effective in suspenseful situations.

There were some issues with audio. During a filming session, the locationCapture 4 was being used which created loud background audio that was unwanted in the film. I found that some audio was taken away completely from scenes, which although removed the distracting background audio created a contrast from other scenes where there was audio. To improve this non-diegetic music could have been researched. Eerie background music could have masked the lack of audio and created an atmosphere in the scene.

I think that the narrative was too complex to portray in a short film. After the production feedback was then provided explaining that they were unsure what the narrative was and who the characters were within the film. I think more thought and detail could improve this issue, making the narrative simple but using camera techniques and editing in order to create an impacting film.


Overall a large issue that effective the whole prediction was the insufficient communication. As a team, we could have worked closer together to ensure that everyone was updated with production details and agreed with the plans. I think this would have reduced any issues that occurred when filming and made the production easier and faster to complete.

More planning would have improved the quality of the film. Research into short horror films would have created an understanding of techniques that have been used and what is effective and ineffective. This would have then helped when creating a list of camera angles that would be creative and impacting in the film.

Research into how short films have portrayed a narrative in the short time available would have also been beneficial. I think it is easy to create a complex narrative and forgetting that it must be clear to the audience and there is only a limited amount of time to show it. This experience has provided a valuable experience working in a team, especially teams that are I have not chosen to work with. I have also had further experience working under pressure and have learned how valuable the planning stages are to the production.


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