Lunaesque Creative Photography

Lunaesque is a photography company containing two photographers, Carol Angel and Angela Harper. They both have their own photography careers but work together under the Lunaesque name throughout the year on various projects. They specialise in event and fine art portraiture photography.

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(Angel, 2015), (Harper, 2015)

Carri Angel was in born in Liverpool in 1962. She studied Textiles and Fashion at a university in London (Angel, No Date). She did not start her career in photography, instead, founded an alternative clothing company named Dark Angel. This became very popular and received attention from larger companies, such as Illamasqua for custom costume designs.

She travelled with her fashion company and began to take pictures of her loathing for advisement. This then sparked her photography career, not only taking pictures of the clothing but then producing portraits of the clothes being modelled. She used the rich landscapes on her travels, incorporating them into the fashion shoots. This then leads to her meeting Angela Harper where they had their first shoot together for Illamasqua in Cornwall.

Angela Harper is the second photographer of the company. She also has her own business and like Angel did not begin in a career of photography. Although Harper was not a part of a creative industry during the early years of her career. She was a receptionist in Cape Town and worked in an advertisement (Harper, No Date).

She then moved to the UK, where she focused more on photography. She admired the clothing line Dark Angel but could not afford the clothing for her photo shoots. She contacted Carrie Angel and organised a collaboration, which became a success and resulted in the creation of the Lunaesque Photography company (Harper, No Date).

Their style of portraiture appears theatrical with a fantasy theme. This style appeals to me and I wish to create a portfolio of fine art portraits. I find their work creative and inspiring. Their images are sharp with vibrant colours, appearing striking to the viewer’s eye. I find their work interesting as there is  little post production, however, the pictures appear surreal and mystical.

I admire this company for their philosophical viewpoints. They believe that with hard work anyone’s dreams can be achieved. I was able to get in contact with this company asking them how they got started and earn from their work. They expressed that they did not worry about the financial side, so they became a non-profit company. Their personal work holds the financial support whereas this company is for their creative enjoyment. They believe that even if certain ambitions may not be possible careers on their own due to finance than other alternatives can be made.


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