Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is a “photographer and retoucher” (Johansson, No Date) situated in Sweden and Prague. He originates from Sweden where he was in Götene in 1985 (Johansson, No Date).

At an early age, he was influenced by nature and art. he expressed himself through his drawings, developing a creative and abstract way of thinking. However, he then found interest with technology, buying his first camera when he was 15 and heavily using his father’s computer (Johansson, No Date).

He studied computer Engineering at Chalmer’s University Of Technology, where he advanced his technical skills and knowledge. In later life, he took up photography and photo manipulation as a full-time career (Johansson, No Date). He combines his technical skill set with his creative abilities, producing the work best known today.

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(Johansson, 2016), (Johansson, 2014)

Johansson believes to “inspire, be inspired” (Johanson, 2016). He does not allow himself to be restricted, instead, expresses himself through his art. His philosophy is to use your own creativity to produce your work that you imagine, working through any restrictions. He expressed that he had to problem solve many of his ideas as they were not simple designs but self-taught himself and found a way to create exactly what he wanted.

I find his work unique and fascinating to see what the meaning or interpretation is behind the design of the picture. The manipulation makes me look at the picture for longer and immediately caught my attention. I love the realism in his photos, making ordinary scenes appear as a fantasy, moving beyond the limitations of traditional photography. Another aspect of his work that I enjoy is the artistic side. I am also heavily interested in art and regularly create my own traditional and digital artwork. I find that drawing has no limitations and can be anything the artist imagines. Whereas that can be more challenging with photography alone, but manipulating the images opens up the imagination.

I have tried basic photo manipulation in the past which I found challenging but enjoyable. Viewing his work has inspired me to go back to this style of photography and develop the skills needed for high-quality manipulations that encourage creative thinking.


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