3 Person Drama (2 Minutes)


The challenge was to produce a 2 minute drama presenting 3 characters. The aim was to tell a story through the visuals. After receiving the briefing, the next morning as a team of four the pitch for the film had to be presented. Then the filming begun with a one week deadline for filming and editing.


I produced a list of camera angles, character profile, locations and wrote up the script created as a team. The files were uploaded to Google Drive in a shared folder because it created a backup that would be accessible anywhere and the whole team could view and edit the documents.

Film Synopsis

A Rich business man named Author, born in a wealthy family becomes victim to severe gambling addictions. His wife opens the door to a high court enforcement officer claiming that her husband owes £4.5 million. If the debt is not paid that day he has right to take the large property and belongings.  

The wife in distraught over her husband who informs them that he does not have the money to pay the debt. In discovering that her husband has no money left, in which she married him for, becomes hysterical. The husband tries to make a deal with the enforcement officer, making him impatient and demanding payment. The situation shortly becomes out of hand, the wife overreacting and officer losing his temper. Arthur loses his office block and house, becoming homeless.


A Canon 600D with the standard kit lens were the only equipment that could be used for the filming process. The beginning of the film begins with a wide angle to establish the environment and introduce the female character. An over the shoulder shot focuses on the male character at the door, introducing him to the audience. The wide angle pan presents the situation and creates space. The male character known as Dave is immediately shown to be forceful, connoting that he will be an overpowering character. The scene changes to another room where the third character is introduced. The third character Author is quiet compared to the two other characters, signifying a weaker character type. The three characters are positioned in a triangle with Michelle, the female character in the middle, signifying that she is caught in-between the scenario.

Low angles of the enforcement officer and Michelle were used to signify dominance and power over Author. The over the shoulder shot of the enforcement officer focuses on the other two characters. This brings the audience’s attention to their feud followed by Michelle pushing Author oscreen-shot-2016-10-22-at-14-44-29ut of frame. The enforcement officer then swaps with Michelle and becomes the character stuck in-between the scenario. Close-ups of the action emphasise the drama and add pace to the scene. The second low angle looking up further empowers the other characters and the enforcement officer is presented as the most dominant character with more low angles over the shoulder of Author and from his point of view.

Finally, the end scene is separated from the rest of the scenes by a black out wscreen-shot-2016-10-22-at-14-54-43ith text to establish a change in time. A jump to the future presents a different location that showcases bins and an old shelter. Placing Author in this location sitting on the floor connotes that he lost his properties and is no longer rich. This factor is made more aware of the shots of money given by passers-by.


Simple editing was expected for this first task. The clips were imported to Adobe Premiere CC where it was then reviewed and placed onto the timeline. Cuts were made to the clips, using the In and Out markers. Fade transitions were applied to the beginning and end of the film and on the intro and end credits. The fade in and out transitions creates a smoother introduction rather than a harsh cut. The text was added to the film title, credits and near the end of the narrative to establish a different change in time. A simple fade in and out transitions was used for the text for a seamless effect that does not disrupt the flow of the film.


Overall the drama genre was achieved, however, there were many issues with the production. The 180-degree line was crossed during the film, disrupting the flow and creating an uncomfortable change in character positioning. The intro and end credits could have been more engaging. The intro shows exchanges in money, connoting that money may be the focus in the narrative. However, the credits also present money, which instead could have shown aspects from the end result from the narrative.

The location was not a good portrayal of an office block, resulting in an unrealistic setting which will make the audience disconnect from the narrative. The planning and filming of the film were challenging as some members were away for most of the filming time and communication was not achieved before the pitch to organise roles and finalise ideas. Useful lessons and skills have been learned from this production and will be improved upon during future productions.


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