Flash was used in the photo studio to create shapes from silhouettes. The soft boxes were directed at the white backdrop and the subject was brought forward, away from the light in order to produce a silhouette effect. The light meter was used to establish suitable settings for the camera. The camera was set to 100 ISO, f11, 1/60 and the white balance was set to Flash. The shutter speed ensured that action could still be frozen and a wide depth of field did not have much impact on the silhouette effect.

The models were placed in various positions to create shapes, along with props that added further impact. The water bottle was interesting to use because the water was not completely translucent, presenting reflections.

Overall silhouettes are not difficult to create but can have many different outcomes to an image. This effect can add mood and atmosphere to an image that would normally appear mundane when fully exposed. I will be experimenting with shapes and light further to create dramatic, abstract images and also changing an ordinary scene to something with a different meaning. I would also be interested in taking this outdoors with natural, uncontrollable light. Sunset silhouettes are something of interest that I would attempt using the new knowledge learned from this workshop.



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