Tungsten Lighting Introduction

In the photography studio, I have experimented with constant light, instead of flash. I used a single tungsten light directed to the right of the subject. Instead of an evenly lit subject, I wanted to create an atmosphere from harsh shadows and directed light. Gels were applied to further create atmosphere and different moods to the images. Single gels were used and also overlapped colours in order to produce a new effect. A tripod was used with the camera set to 100 ISO, f4.5 and 1/6 in manual mode.

I found this technique fascinating to experiment with due to the endless effects it can have on an image and even within the mise-en-scene for a film. It completely changes the energy from the colour variations and the brightness of the lighting. I am interested in artistic style images with character and mood, therefore tungsten lighting and gels will be a suitable option for creative images.


Still using the same lighting set up, the manikin was replaced with a male model. During this I did not use a tripod, this is because the intention was to work with low key lighting using different camera settings for focused and sufficiently exposed images without relying on a tripod. The lighting was used to create a more artistic impact to the image, creating harsh shadows upon the model. The camera settings used were 1600 ISO, f4.5 and 1/20.





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