Contemporary Issue: Public Harassment

Introduction When working in public spaces, difficulties can arise from the public. When filming or photographing in these spaces it is not apart of the public’s normal routine when crossing paths, this can lead to people asking questions about the activity or watching and taking pictures. This is understandable and can be dealt with, however, … More Contemporary Issue: Public Harassment

Daniel Bebb: How To Become A Digital Marketing Master

Daniel Bebb is the head of PPC at Click Convert. He provided information about different types of adverts and ways to market work and services. He stated that roughly 90% of Google’s money is earned from adverts and they receive around 50p per time someone clicks onto a website. Types Of Adverts; Search Display Video … More Daniel Bebb: How To Become A Digital Marketing Master

Brooke Shaden: Unique Visions: Turning Your Strangeness Into A Career

Brooke Shaden is an American Self portrait digital artist, creating composites from images that she has taken. She looks at the light and darkness in people and tells a story through her images. Her work is personalised as she uses her fears and darkness as inspiration. The dark style created controversy, with negative comments aimed … More Brooke Shaden: Unique Visions: Turning Your Strangeness Into A Career

Geoff Stevenson: Financial Obligations

Geoff Stevenson shared his experience being self-employed, owning a large variety of businesses and working in various industries. He then proceeded to give valuable advice to those who aim to start their own business, outlining the key points that will make an auntraponear succeed or fail. Key Points; Use your qualifications Rejections will occur but … More Geoff Stevenson: Financial Obligations

Jessop Feature

Jessop Feature Introduction An effective marketing strategy on social media is using the hashtags so that the images can reach a wider audience that is searching for similar words. I have focused on this further by researching what larger companies use as their hashtags for photographers or customers to use, which enables the company to … More Jessop Feature

Self-Identified Projects

Project Ideas The Seasons For this idea, I would create four portraits of people representing the four seasons. This will be represented through costume design, background, props, and colour. Moodboard Mind Map Design Ideas Cosplayer Portraits Moodboard Mind Map Design Ideas Still Life With A Narrative Moodboard Mind Map Design Ideas

Contemporary Artists: Issues In Working Practise

Introduction I will discover what professional practitioners have struggled with in their career and how they have overcome their issues. This will allow me to understand what I can act on to avoid making similar mistakes and how to overcome relatable problems I may have through my photographic journey. A challenge that I face is … More Contemporary Artists: Issues In Working Practise

Specialist Study: Statement

Introduction It has been established that the area of interest is with creating an atmosphere in portraits, through lighting and texture. The primary focus is using studio setups, using flash and modifiers. Traditional paintings have been a fascination that represents the human form, emphasised by lighting. For example, Henry Raeburn was an 18th-century portrait painter in … More Specialist Study: Statement