Practice In Context; Unpredictability and Control

Progressing further into my academic degree and as a photographer, it is important to understand the way in which I work and how to improve working methods. Practice In Context is set out to create an in-depth understanding of the way in which one works and how to develop their skills. The first task was … More Practice In Context; Unpredictability and Control

ARD518 Visual Effects

Introduction I was tasked with a presentation to pitch a 10 second film idea, as well as creating the 10-second film and a written reflection. The film had to demonstrate at least three visual effects using Black Magic’s Fusion and any additional applications if required. Workshops I have only used Adobe software, making Fusion 9 … More ARD518 Visual Effects


After I had completed a ┬ápresentation about Deadpool, I then began a comparative analysis essay where I compared Deadpool to Guardians Of The Galaxy. I focused the essay on the growing success of superhero films, including data and statistics from box office reviews and articles. I deconstructed Deadpool and aspects that I thought had impacted … More Essay


An on the spot task was assigned to meet a client and produce a promotional video for his product. The owner of the product, Tim Jones informed the group of details about the product and what he wanted the video to cover. We then had roughly two hours to complete the filming process, in which … More BenignEye